Concern Trolls

If you've ever run across a Concern Troll you will be doing this @@ about now (oh, that's an eye-roll.) Because they can be almost as annoying and disgusting as the extremists out there (I did say "almost") sometimes... perhaps more often than not, they are the extremists out there... they're just dressed up in sheeps clothing. Here is how a typical exchange goes with a Concern Troll.

Concern Troll (going by the name of MrDarkbloom): ...telling them that although in a very narrow sense we could use the word 'child' to describe the result of the offspring of two parent

Me: Actually, "offspring" and child are synonymous... and do not occur until birth but really, the "extremists" are not that interested in factual information anyway, right?

Concern Troll: I explained quite carefully how to label women murderers for opting for abortion is to completely and utterly disrepect them as human beings.

Me: Oh, for the most part I disagree... I believe that to call a woman who has had a spontaneous, therapeutic or elective abortion a "murderer" reflects a serious lack of knowledge about the word: murder. It just simply fails to describe the termination of ones pregnancy on even the smallest measure. Although, there are some nut-cases who do have a general disdain for women and as such, use our biological ability to become unintentionally pregnant as an excuse to justify their own misogyny. Luckily, they are few and far between and are usually so blatantly idiotic that it becomes almost comical

MrDarkbloom: abortion is never a good thing in the way that unwanted pregnancies are never a good thing

Me: If you are a man, you may not understand this, but a person needn't gestate an unwanted pregnancy in order to benefit from the experience. What I mean is that abortion does not cause feelings of guilt or suffering of any kind to the majority of women who have opted to terminate their pregnancies. Sometimes, after an abortion, a woman will change her life (and as a result, the lives of her children/dependants/family) and be forever grateful that she was able to do so. Also, perhaps you are unaware, but abortion is safer than childbirth and in no way "bad" for women. Certainly there is a risk to any medical procedure, however, it is safer for a woman to terminate a pregnancy than it would be to gestate and give birth.... just some scientific facts I thought you could use. PS. it would serve you well to recognize that women do not become pregnant without sperm and therefor men should do what they can to ensure that the women they are sexually active with are protected (and it wouldn't hurt to discuss pregnancy options prior to engaging in vaginal intercourse, eh?)

Now, the Concern Troll will oftentimes turn on you during your exchange (or in this case simply run away.) But what they will never, ever do... is stick to the premise that they support womens reproductive choices. They disdain that they have for women who opt to terminate their pregnancies (for whatever reason) is always evident. Always. Well... as always, God bless!!