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Our Heartbreaking Choices

This book sounds like such a great opportunity to bring the real stories of real women who have experienced late-term abortion.... God bless them! I've also just finished reading this post by Amanda Marcotte on the RH Reality Check webiste. When I read this excerpt I related so much...

When your opposition is relentless and has no moral qualms about harassment and deceit, it’s exhausting to keep pushing.

I mean, it just becomes tiresome dealing with all the fringe fanatics when trying to reach the majority of people who really aren't certain how they fell about abortion. In light of the events surrounding the murder of Dr. Tiller, I must admit to feeling a certain amount of guilt for not sustaining my passion and fervor in defending our basic reproductive rights. Amanda goes on to say that if we stop or draw back because of these extremists, they've basically won. She phrases this so perfectly, in a way that rational people will understand:

We were wrong to be afraid. We have the moral high ground on late term abortion, and that should be obvious now. No one wants to see their wives, daughters, friends, or colleagues suffer the trauma of fatal birth defects or health hazards that kill or maim them. Few of us are sadistic enough to be party to laws that would force 10-year-olds to give birth to the babies of rapists.

I'll do my best not to allow those who wish to distort facts, manipulate emotion and minimize the experiences of these brave women & their families... we can never allow them to take women out of this discussion, no matter how mightily they may try.


Holy Moly...

You silly wabbit... facts is for squares. So, thinking people are aware that feminism is the cra-hazy notion of equality right? Actually, here's what Websters has to say on the matter (You know... Websters, that radical, left-wing propaganda mill?):


1 : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 2 : organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests
— fem·i·nist
\-nist\ noun or adjective
— fem·i·nis·tic
\ˌfe-mə-ˈnis-tik\ adjective

So, this douchebag super sane dude on Youtube thinks that feminism is the worst thing to happen since free will (seriously, it's been downhill since we got the vote, right ladies?) This is, I shit you not, an excerpt from his response to a comment I left on his page; a page which encourages people to murder those who do not agree with them (it's super Christian):

Armerdylo: I also find it funny that you have a family when feminism (that you support) brought in the wave of lesbianism and pornography as "empowering" to woman. That's another one that is ridiculous to my logical mind.

He seriously wrote that... I'm a lesbian because I support the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Oh-kay man. Oh, & that last sentence is freaking precious. Hello red flag... when your "logic" doesn't coincide with the facts, you may be an idiot.

~Keep clickin'!


censor those you don't agree with... how very "christian" of ya.

This chick (catholichomeschool) will not allow me to post this (or any other) response to her video... as you can see, it isn't offensive (unless, of course, the truth is offensive) so I'll post it here. This is in response to this poster (ignatiusofantioch2) who has this annoying habit of SPAM'ing the same tired copy & paste crapola from every anti-abortion site in the internets...

ignatius: "Where you are has no bearing on who you are. Where you are has no bearing on who you are. Does your value change when you cross the street or roll over in bed? If not, how can a journey of eight inches down the birth-canal suddenly change the essential nature of the unborn from non-valuable tissue mass to valuable human being"

me: That is precious. So, are you saying that a person who "cross[es] the street" or "roll[s] over in bed" ceases to be a person whenever they engage in these behaviours? You are being deliberately untruthful or misleading (at best) if you are going to pretend that gestation, labor and the birthing experience are merely about "eight inches "... which would be par for the course among the anti-abortion extremists.

I'd like to add more, such as the fact that the value of a womans pregnancy is determined by the pregnant woman... how this dude (or I) *feel* about her pregnancy is irrelevant... it doesn't change science and it doesn't change the law.


OMFG... trashy is as trashy does

I shit you not, this glitter chick is fourteen years old y'all... who is raising her?

leiapeison (1 week ago)
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if i was raped, i created nothing. there is no right to be inside someone against their will. there is no right to life at the expense of anothers body. no one has a right to reduce me to breeding chattel. i will deny my body to anyone born or unborn. i have bodily sovereingty unlike a fetus. if something is growing on or in me against my will, i will make it stop. and yes a fetus is a foreign entity.
glitterkiss26 (6 days ago)
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Sweetheart, if you were raped, I really would not care about you, just the baby b/c most rapes happened b/c the woman leads them on::not dressing modestly A.K.A. dressing like a slut! You are a stupid person to think that your own child, the one you helped create, is a foreign person. You choosing to murder your own child makes you not have any respect for your own life, your child's life, and human life in general.

Yes, rape victims "helped create" the pregnancy... because they *want it* deep down... they really do. Dude, I'm pretty sure she's a rapist.

PS. on her youtube home page (click her super fun name above) she purports not to "believe in" Miley Cyrus. Yep... fuck that birth certificate, that chick doesn't exist... but she does "believe in" God (no birth certificate.) Go figure.

comment #184 retitled "Buck needs our help"

The following is an actual comment to an aol TV News Daily (inside TV blog), I've not altered any wording nor have a left out any text. Seriously. This. Is. It.:

I called my stock broker today and asked him, "So, what are YOU buying"?

He replied, "Rifles, pistols, shotguns, lots of ammo and canned goods."

I said, "Sounds like a plan to me.".....

War is coming....it will be the "Government" against Christians and those who do not accept the ÜberLeft's "religion" and politics.

Posted at
on May 19th 2009 by Buck

Buck, step away from the computer, set down the bong, and please get back on your meds. The post was about ABC pulling "Samantha Who", "According to Jim" & "The Unusuals." Seriously, we're all pulling for ya, Buck!



80,000 fans? I am unimpressed, JC... Ashton has over 1.5 million.