OMFG... trashy is as trashy does

I shit you not, this glitter chick is fourteen years old y'all... who is raising her?

leiapeison (1 week ago)
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if i was raped, i created nothing. there is no right to be inside someone against their will. there is no right to life at the expense of anothers body. no one has a right to reduce me to breeding chattel. i will deny my body to anyone born or unborn. i have bodily sovereingty unlike a fetus. if something is growing on or in me against my will, i will make it stop. and yes a fetus is a foreign entity.
glitterkiss26 (6 days ago)
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Sweetheart, if you were raped, I really would not care about you, just the baby b/c most rapes happened b/c the woman leads them on::not dressing modestly A.K.A. dressing like a slut! You are a stupid person to think that your own child, the one you helped create, is a foreign person. You choosing to murder your own child makes you not have any respect for your own life, your child's life, and human life in general.

Yes, rape victims "helped create" the pregnancy... because they *want it* deep down... they really do. Dude, I'm pretty sure she's a rapist.

PS. on her youtube home page (click her super fun name above) she purports not to "believe in" Miley Cyrus. Yep... fuck that birth certificate, that chick doesn't exist... but she does "believe in" God (no birth certificate.) Go figure.


LilBitBrat said...

wha...i...wha??? i don't even know what to say. holy shit, seriously? what a fucking IDIOT!!! all i have to say is karma can kick ya in the face sometimes. good luck glitter-asshat...

Anonymous said...

Wow - some of those crazy people start young right?

Just think, she'll soon be old enough to vote.... and own a gun.


MellanKelly said...

OMG, the thought of someone that misguided voting is scary enough but with a GUN. Fuck man, the world is just not a safe place.