6 year old eats twin?

Perhaps Krazy Kristy Burton would be interested in fighting for the rights of these "unborn".

Basicaly, a six year old was suffering stomach pains which appeared to be a tumor and turned out to be an embryo (what the religously motivated anti-abortion forces would call a "person"). Apparently, cases where one of a set of twins absorbs the other in the womb occur in one of 500,000 live births.

I found another incident from 2005 which occured in Bangladesh. Doctors removed a fetus from the abdomen of a 16 year-old by the name of Abu Raihan. Apparently the fetus grew like a tumor (weighing almost 5 pounds) and would have become the boy’s twin if it had developed normally.

Then there is the Vanishing Twin Syndrome in which one of a set of a twins disappears in the uterus during pregnancy. This is far more common than the above, occuring in 21-30% of multifetal pregnancies. That is so bizarre.


the business of being born

Did you know that the united states has the second worst newborn death rate in the world? I didn't believe it when I read that so I did some research... sadly, it is true. I haven't yet watched this film (with the exception of the exerpt on the link above) but I plan on seeing soon.


what if your mother had aborted you?

This was a recent topic of a blog on RH Reality Check but I've also been asked this question by those opposed to abortion; in my opinion, that is like asking someone "What if you were a kangaroo?" Those "what ifs" are irrelevant. If I were a kangaroo I wouldn't bloody care about abortion, would I? I tend to think not... I believe that the only concern I'd have for people would be "Whens dinner?" and "Which one of these assholes should I kick first?". Ergo... moot point. Now, I have very strong faith that had I not been born to "the Smiths" I may have been born to "the Jones" or perhaps I would've come to "the Smiths" at another time. I am certainly not asking that those with different beliefs acknowledge my beliefs as fact, I am merely asking that they respect my beliefs.

Look at it this way, these people are essentially asking us to imagine that a zygote, embryo and/or fetus are capable of cognitive thought (which they are most certainly not); they are asking that we treat the "unborn" as a person. What is up with the whole fetal personhood bandwagon?

One cannot argue against abortion based on their own personal beliefs about "personhood" - there is no consensus within the scientific field and certainly not among ordinary citizens. Some base their opinions on religion and/or spirituality (I suppose I would be in that group) but nobody knows for certain, therefor, using this as a basis for an argument is a fallacy. Back to my favorite quote:



Answer: John McCain

Question: Which candidate is anti-abortion, anti-contraception and anti-(born)woman?


The worst president in history...

The news that Mr. Bush, Jr. is the most unpopular president (which is putting it nicely) in our Nations history is not all that surprising to those of us who have a firm grip on reality. This bungled war (along with the whole "mission accomplished" fiasco), our crumbling economy (with the exception of the oil tycoons who must make up the majority of the 28% who believe he's doing a fantastic job), not to mention Georgie's delusions of grandeur (by such statements as "I believe that God wants me to be President" and "I'm the Commander, see ... I do not need to explain why I say things. That's the interesting thing about being the President ... [I] don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation.") have bestowed upon him the title of Fucktard (see definition #2).