what if your mother had aborted you?

This was a recent topic of a blog on RH Reality Check but I've also been asked this question by those opposed to abortion; in my opinion, that is like asking someone "What if you were a kangaroo?" Those "what ifs" are irrelevant. If I were a kangaroo I wouldn't bloody care about abortion, would I? I tend to think not... I believe that the only concern I'd have for people would be "Whens dinner?" and "Which one of these assholes should I kick first?". Ergo... moot point. Now, I have very strong faith that had I not been born to "the Smiths" I may have been born to "the Jones" or perhaps I would've come to "the Smiths" at another time. I am certainly not asking that those with different beliefs acknowledge my beliefs as fact, I am merely asking that they respect my beliefs.

Look at it this way, these people are essentially asking us to imagine that a zygote, embryo and/or fetus are capable of cognitive thought (which they are most certainly not); they are asking that we treat the "unborn" as a person. What is up with the whole fetal personhood bandwagon?

One cannot argue against abortion based on their own personal beliefs about "personhood" - there is no consensus within the scientific field and certainly not among ordinary citizens. Some base their opinions on religion and/or spirituality (I suppose I would be in that group) but nobody knows for certain, therefor, using this as a basis for an argument is a fallacy. Back to my favorite quote:


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