More distorted political commercials...

Is anyone else just sick to death of this? I cannot wait for November and an end to this nonsense!


Anonymous said...

John McCain spent 5 years being tortured in a POW camp. B.Hussian Obama is good buddies with domestic terrorist William Ayers. Terrorist organization Hamas also endorsed Obama. Obama sides with abortionists over children born-alive from an abortion. Obama trashes the US overseas. John McCain put his life on the line for our country.

God-help us.


MellanKelly said...

J.Crazypants McCain kicks puppies and hates rainbows. McCain sometimes looks as if he's going to come right out of his skin and kill people who disagree with him (or kick his ass in presidential debates.) Barack Obama loves women and treats women as persons fully capable of making their own intelligent, informed and moral decisions regarding their reproduction. McCain would force women to gestate and give birth regardless of how it effects their life and/or health.

God always helps us... She sent us Barack, didn't She?