One in 3

This makes me wish that I lived in the Dallas area... I would love to see this play! Hell, I'd love to have played any part in it's production. Just seeing this and knowing that others are willing to end the stigma surrounding abortion makes me soooo happy!


Anonymous said...

never heard of this play. Usually these are not very successful. You know, when it involves killing unborn children...

The stigma will never, ever go away. Not when it involves killing or murdering someones life....

have a nice day.

MellanKelly said...

Oh, these plays, television shows and the movies which have been created in order to further de-stigmatize abortion are always successful. One in 3 is such a fabulous idea! The stigma is going, going... and just about gone, dear. Since an abortion is merely the termination of ones pregnancy and not murder (you may want to do a quick research of this since it appears as if you are confused) it is a perfectly acceptable option when a woman is facing an unwanted pregnancy. Thank God for that!

Peace & Love, sugar.

Anique said...

Thanks for posting about the play--it's going to be great and I would encourage anyone to see it, no matter what side of the debate they're on (Even my mom, who is anti-choice, is going!).

This play is an attempt to shed light on just how complex this decision and choice is--no women I know have ever taken it lightly.

And MK--it will go national so you may very well have a chance to see it. One way to get involved is keep posting about it and share it with friends.

Keep up the great work, too!

LilBitBrat said...

I would love to see that. The concept with no politics...amazing. Thanks for the post MK ;) (love the nickname MK...kinda catchy!)

MellanKelly said...

I know, brat! Each time someone uses that, I feel like I owe MK a dollar.

Anonymous said...

1 in 3 is such a mind blowing statistic.

I've just found myself in the situation of a completely surprising pregnancy (I have a copper coil IUD) and termination is the road I'm going down.

Nobody ever talks about it. Since I told a friend, she told me she had one years ago. How many other of my friends are hiding the secret because they are ashamed? Or maybe too because it's none of my business!!

MellanKelly said...

If you'd like, please visit the following forums where women can (and do) speak freely after having an abortion:

From the Feminist Women's Health Center:

The Abortion Conversation Project:

Project Voice:

Women on Web:

I have others if you'd like, some to help a woman who's facing an unintended pregnancy (a great link for the "pregnancy options workbook) and a few links to after abortion care (exhale is a fabulous place to go). Hope this has been helpful.

Please know that you are not alone. The statistic of "one in 3" isn't just about numbers, its about women... like you, like me, like your friend who only recently disclosed this information. Abortion is about women... we simply must not allow the anti-abortion extremists to remove us from the discussion!!