Typical Crazy Anti-Abortion Extremists!!

This is a rather disturbing (albeit amusing) exchange between a dude called "PheonixBornAgain" (PBA) and yours truly. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried really, really hard:

PBA: "the females. they make up over half the population in the world, so majority rule if applied would acutely give them the power to steamroll anything they want."

Me: "The females" sound super scary! And how crazy they appear... thinking that their opinions and/or personal beliefs should matter. I mean, who do they think they are... Men? Fu**ing chicks, man!

PBA: then if these same people were abducted and examined and found to be pregnant they were placed in very comfortable surroundings and made safe so they don't hurt themselves or their fetus. then after the unborn were allowed to be birthed the woman were simply let go.

Yes, he seriously wrote that... seriously. We should abduct pregnant women force them to risk their physical, mental and spiritual lives gestating a pregnancy and then take their babies from them. So the infertile can have them. Oh, but then we would totally let them go. My response? As follows:

Me: Wow. That is seriously deranged. You play pretty fast & loose with that whole morality thing, eh? It's good that you make yourself clear that you do not value the lives of women (particularly pregnant women, particularly if their pregnancies are unwanted and/or doomed.) It's easier to disregard your comments when you've made your disdain for women so crystal clear.

And this guy is simply a telephone number (and a tool):

7035601553: "The unborn gets killed and the mother gets wounded."

Me: Or... if you're not crazy (present company excluded, of course) the pregnancy is terminated and the woman feels a mixture of things, predominantly relief (I know, it's hard to admit that women are complex beings capable of a myriad of feelings)


LilBitBrat said...

my husband wants to know if by "very comfortable surroundings" this guy meant "very Auschwitz-esk"?

MellanKelly said...

I know, right?
That shit is bananas.