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I've noticed that the anti-abortion posters on the RH board have been more judgmental as of late (it is more likely that they've always been judgmental and it's just more irritating lately).

"The fact that selfish murderous people slaughter millions of young a year is no better than human sacrifice. Except it is even more selfish [emphasis mine] than paganistic practices. At least pagans sacrifice to gods in order to heal crops or something vaguely

Wha? She's a-okay with human sacrifice if it is done in the name of God for something "vaguely good"... what a fruitballoon! Do these people even bother to read the drivel that they write? Here is an eloquent statement

"When you spread your legs and let someone crawl on top of
you, you are INVITING pregnancy. Sex is designed to procreate"

Isn't that lovely? Okay... I have several issues with that statement, first and foremost... what if I crawled on top? That aside, I have every intention of having sex as much as I want to without being open to even the slightest possibility of becoming pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. Sex is designed (for women as well as men) for pleasure. Granted, that last sentence is merely my opinion (based on a vast knowledge of pleasurable sex that my husband and I have had over the past 14 or so years... mostly PRE-MARITAL... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!) and D had a vasectomy years ago so the chances of an egg being fertilized are slim to none (she said with a prayer). We continue to have sex though... without the possibility of procreation... what sinners we are... wonder why God doesn't just "turn off" our sexuality or orgasms when we're done procreating if She's so keen on the whole "inviting pregnancy" thang. Freakin' crazies...

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