stupid quote of the week

so i'm talking with this group of people about the presidential election and this guy comes into the conversation as we're all talking about the things we like about our candidates (go Obama!!!) and this jack-ass pops off with "but if Obama is elected president than the gays are gonna go around and marry anyone they want!" seriously...no shitting. i looked at him and said "that's the dumbest fucking thing i think i've ever heard anybody say in my entire life." he just stared at me blankly and i asked him how it would directly or indirectly effect him; he had no answer.

what a fuckin' moron!

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MellanKelly said...

Oh for the love of the Goddess! That is not nearly as idiotic as this statement made on a debate board regarding George W. Bush:

"I personally believe President Bush is one of our greatest presidents."

And he was dead serious.

What a Fangboner.