adjectives and qualifiers

So I was reading blogs on various social issues (I'm always interested in the point of view of those who see things differently than I do). I love reading opposing views particularly those that are introspective, thought-provoking and intelligent. I like how it challenges us to take a deeper look at our own opinions, beliefs and convictions. What I have a difficult time with are those people who insist upon using nonsensical ramblings (or "brain farts") which include not one bit of factual information to support the piffle they spew.

This example comes from a gal who undertakes to set herself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge... and we all know what happens when we do that! Anyhoo, she was writing of the horrible instances of crazy people who cut open women's abdomens and uterus' in order to take the nearly full term fetuses to pass of as their own. Way, way YIK and Evil. But here's what galled her:

"During the course of the show that focused on a few specific cases, some doctors and therapists and other experts were interviewed regarding the nature of these cases and the people who committed such horrible crimes. I was struck with how every "expert" referred to the unborn stolen children as Fetuses."

Here it appears to bother her that experts in the medical field use proper medical terminology when speaking of medical cases... go figure. These doctors could be completely anti-abortion, they may even be activists - simply because they use proper medical terms does not mean that they support abortion rights. Would she prefer that they had said something like "Well, they cut into her hoo-haw and sliced through the unborn receptacle thingymagiggy..."? Be serious. Then there is this:

It is pure hypocrisy to refer to unborn babies as fetuses and not refer to adults as homo sapiens and children as offspring.

Somebody doesn't understand the word "hypocrisy". No... if we're going to refer to a fetus as an "unborn baby" we should refer to adults as "undead corpses" otherwise she's comparing apples to orangutans. The truth is that a fetus is a fetus, a baby is a baby and a corpse is a corpse. And to be fair, one could be anti-abortion and accept proper medical terminology - a fetus has the potential to become a baby just as a fertilized egg has the potential to become a zygote and a zygote to become an embryo and an embryo to become a fetus (it's a bit tricky making it all that way as many studies reflect that anywhere from 30-70% of all fertilized eggs perish spontaneously). Why wouldn't one make the statement that one believes that killing a fetus (or zygote or embryo) is wrong? Why do they insist upon their cute little adjectives and qualifiers (like "unborn"baby and "preborn")? I'm guessing they believe that the use of emotionally charged words will grab the public ear better than truthful medical words. That was the explanation behind the Partial-Truth-Abortion-Ban... grabs ya a little more than Intact D&E or IDX, doesn't it?

Oh God... she goes on to say that the reason the term "fetus" is used is "...simply the pro-abortion community's influence at dehumanizing an unborn child." (there's that adjective again). Wow... I did not realize our reach went so far... YAY us!! So, I guess abortion will never be criminalized since the pro-choice community seems to have such an influence which surely reaches past the scientific realm and into other area's such as law, religion, philosophy and perhaps even thanatology.

This ended up being wa-hay longer than I thought so I will continue with my thoughts about a blog that I can respectfully disagree with next time...

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LilBitBrat said...

you know my uncle-daddy told me 'bout that hoo-haw story and the receptacle thingymagiggy. said my granny dint have no problem wit it.

sorry...couldn't help myself. those silly experts. they're the most hypocritical undead corpses i've ever heard of.