Bring on the crazies...

So, there is this wackadoo on youtube who sometimes calls herself kirstiedale3 - she claims to be an adult... I'll let you be the judge. So, she doesn't care so much for an opposing view & clearly is unable to come up with a valid retort (one which would include any valid, factual information which has anything at all to do with the topic of abortion rights) and in lieu of this, she prefers to use profanity (I, for one, am shocked and chagrined!) and ad hominem as her "argument." It apparently bothers her that I include valid and truthful scientific data, statistics, legal precedent, etc in my posts. I totally get that it can be aggravating when science, the law and common sense do not support your view but seriously, it only makes it worse to respond to a post concerning abortion statistics with the following diatribe:

"she claims to be a busy mom of 3 happy wife,femenist,ect ect,not busy anough it may seem!husband out working all hours to pay the bills for his strong, independent,active femenist..??????she needs to go comment on the good house keeping guide,she may give better advice to people who will listen,,,,,,,there is always one,that has to butt in and think they know everything !!!!!!dont burst her bubble,she will have nothing else to do,,,lol"

So, in addition to having issues with grammar, punctuation (what is up with the comma's?) & sentence structure, she also appears unable to comprehend what the words: strong, independent, active and feminist (er... "femenist") mean. The upside is that her spelling makes me giggle. The inability to control her underlying anger issues is a bit disturbing but come on... I've just met the lass, there is simply no way that I am responsible for those issues. Now, her posts are entertaining and are filed under the "things that make you go HMMM" heading. Unfortunately there exists serious amounts of misogyny within the extreme anti-abortion group (which, fortunately is a very small group) - the upside to this is that rational, thinking and relatively sane people could never agree with these extremists opinions... point in case, this li'l nugget from a dude called "BulldogsRule12"... he was responding to a comment I made asking why the personal beliefs and full legal rights of the pregnant woman wouldn't take precedent over his (or my) opinions regarding pregnancy, life and/or abortion. His response:

"The pregnant woman took herself out of the conversation by getting pregnant in the first place"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... this fella actually believes that once a woman becomes pregnant, she is no longer relevant (aside from her uterus, which houses his bizarre obsession... "fetus fetish," if you will) Oh lordy... I dig it when they reveal their true agenda: regulating women to the status of "walking uterus." I kind of thought it was something they'd rather keep under wraps but I suppose when a woman has the gall to challenge their thinking, it just kinda slips out, eh? Good to know that sweet, li'l ole me can fluster these folks so bloody much. Oh, there is this other person who sometimes uses the name sintetsu. He doesn't hide his misogyny (which makes me sad for any women in his life) he writes things like:

* fucking ignorant selfish immature vile whore
* hypocritical irresponsible IMMATURE feminists go back to your cave, primate
* stupid ignorant hypocritical immature selfish primal whores.
* maybe you should keep those legs closed? (me: because apparently you can't get pregnant that way)
* selfish irresponsible promiscuous animals
* thats why war exists. (me: yes, the reason war exists is because of abortion. seriously... not religion or oil or greed... just abortion. Ahhhh.)

All of which are super retarded totally valid arguments for those opposed to abortion to make, no? If nothing else, they've proven my point. Gotta love 'em!!


MellanKelly said...

Oh my... Bulldogs has just written another dozy:

"The term viable has been defined to continue a pro-abortion regime madame"

~nothing and no one is safe from the far reaching "pro-abortion conspiracy"

Charlotte said...

Haha this is a good blog, I often find myself in arguments on the youtube comments section.
Its sad how much they use personal insults to cover up there shaky arguments.

I have noticed that if you argue with these people enough they eventually will admit the real agenda pro lifer's have, which is controlling women of course.

In a society where men and women are equal, women need too have control over reproductive life's, take away birth control, condoms and abortion, and women will be "punished by god for having sex with pregnancies and stds as they should be for being disgusting whores. Thats the church for you.

MellanKelly said...

Good on you, Charlotte! It is rather frightening how many of those people who purport to be pro-"life" do not consider the lives of women to be valuable enough to defend. If you find the time, look me up on YouTube (I'm kcsorci) it's always good to find rational people on the Internets, eh?