National Womens Law Center Webinar

Not a lot of notice, but if you get the chance...

They are hosting a webinar on making contraception more accessible and affordable. I don't know about you, but I believe that we should do whatever we can to help women avoid unintended pregnancies.


Anonymous said...

In the UK where I live contraception is free. You can go to your regular doctor and since I've been here, I've tried various types of the Pill (including the "expensive" kind), the Depo shot and most recently the IUD (although I'm currently pregnant on that one - bummer)

Access to free contraception is not enough by itself - teen pregnancy rates are still off the charts in the UK. Thank god we don't try the Abstinence only message here - it would be much worse, I'm sure.

I was so determined not to be a teen mother as my mum was, but so many of my friends are up to 4-5 kids (I'm 29). Even though I didn't really know what I wanted to do, I felt like I had an opportunity to wait til I was ready...

anyway, not sure I had a point there - but yes - free contraception always helps


MellanKelly said...

Thanks for your post, I agree that contraception alone will not *negate* the need for abortion, but it certainly will *reduce* the need for abortion (except in your case, you are a "fertile myrtle" - my mother always said that she was so fertile that she was afraid to even stand near a guy for fear of becoming pregnant by proximity & it sounds as if you and she may be a lot alike!)