40 weeks of gestation = labor and childbirth

I find it incredulous that the women who responded on the RH reality check website post by Marcy Bloom (love her) entitled "We Already Have an Abortion Pride Movement" were not aware of the fact that if one gestates a pregnancy, one will (provided a healthy pregnancy & labor/childbirth) give birth to a baby. Why, on earth, would these women have opted to terminate their pregnancies if not to prevent the birth of a baby? I know I've touched on this subject briefly with this post, but I'm ever amazed that these women were not aware of human reproduction. And it worries me. I worry because I wonder if there are other women who are not aware that if they opt to terminate their pregnancies, they will not continue to be pregnant. Shall we start a movement to make women aware that an abortion is the termination of a pregnancy (& that the word "terminate" means "end"?) Further, if these women wanted to have a baby... why would they have opted to terminate their pregnancies (isn't gestation how one goes about having a baby?) and if these women didn't realize that by terminating their pregnancies they would not have babies, then why would they have terminated their pregnancies? What did they think would happen if they had not terminated their pregnancies... that they would have had puppies? I suppose I shouldn't be so harsh, after all, studies have consistently shown that women who suffer from depression or other psychological issue's prior to experiencing an unintended pregnancy will likely suffer from those issues afterward, regardless of whether they gestated or terminated thier pregnancies... but... why such shock & awe afterward?

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