Two Choices

It always irritates me when speaking with the anti-abortion extremists that they believe the two choices involved when faced with an unwanted pregnancy are: gestating the pregnancy and adopting your child out or gestating the pregnancy and raising your child. When, in fact, the two choices are: terminating your pregnancy or gestating your pregnancy. Adoption isn't an option when a woman is faced with an unwanted pregnancy... adoption is an option when a woman has chosen to gestate her pregnancy. Not surprising is that our own President does not appear to understand this concept as evidenced by this 2004 quote "I think it is a worthy goal in America to have every child protected by law and welcomed in life. I also think we ought to continue to have good adoption law as an alternative to abortion." Listen, you damned fool, adoption is not an alternative to abortion, it is an alternative to raising your child. Curious enough, when forming this blog and when posting on other reproductive choice blogs I have tried to bring in the issue of support for women who suffer from their choices... including post-partum support, exhale (for non-biased post-abortion support), and birth mother support groups for those who have adopted their children out. Do you know what? I had a terrible time finding support for birth mothers... it was horrible. I know women who have and do suffer from their decision to give birth and put their child up for adoption. I find it pitiful that there doesn't appear to be anyplace for these women to go for help or to simply connect with other women who may understand what they're feeling and could offer support. And then I came across this...

I found this site linked to a comment on the RH Reality Check website that you can find here (originally a response to the blog "True Reality Television: Where's Abortion?"). If you get a chance you should check it out and it should be mandatory reading for all of those forced motherhood freaks out there in the webdom.

Another phenomenon I've encountered has been by those claiming to be very anti-abortion women on the web... they post about how abortion is wrong and evil and that they (or "a friend") have suffered terribly for not knowing that if they had not terminated their pregnancy, they would have had a baby. Now, I have to wonder what these women thought they would've had if they hadn't terminated their pregnancy and gestated for nine months... a puppy? These fruitballoons claim that women are not aware that by terminating their pregnancies they will not have babies... silly me, I thought that was kind of the point. They claim to have been "shocked and devastated" upon learning (usually from their church group) that it wouldn't have been just a lump of cells that they'd have given birth to... it would have been an actual baybee! Seriously? They would have us believe that women are fundamentally ignorant and completely unaware of human reproduction and that is the reason why we cannot and should not be able to make our own decisions regarding the course of our own pregnancies... that strangers, who have absolutely no stake in the outcome of our pregnancies should be able to dictate if and when we will become mothers. It's for our own good ladies, we simply do not know any better... after all, we are the "weaker sex", right? These whack jobs can get their noses right out of my uterus and kindly keep them out of the uterus of my daughters, my sisters, my friends & loved ones. For that matter, they should keep their nose out of the uterus of any other random women walking the earth. Piss off, you ants!
KSo out!


Rose said...

you say in this that the women who aborted thought they would be giving birth to a bunch of cells- you're mistaken. They thought that at the time of abortion it was just a clump of cells- not a baby.

MellanKelly said...

When a woman terminates her pregnancy she is preventing the birth of a baby. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, be it spontaneous or elective. If a pregnancy is not aborted and provided a healthy gestation and labor/birth process a woman would have a baby. The point of my post (or "rant", if you will) is that I do not believe for one bloody second that there is a woman who is not aware of this fact. One need only pickup a dictionary and read the definition of "abortion" to understand that one simply cannot "abort" a baby. Women terminate pregnancies. Period.