the silent scream

Oh for the love of all things holy... why must certain people, who shall remain "anonymous" (their choice, not mine) subscribe to the George Castanza mantra "If you believe it, it's not a lie."? Why? Why? Why? Are people incapable of thinking for themselves... are we just a flock of sheep being led around blindly? My ire is derived from the RH Reality Check website... I commented on the CPC's deceptive practices blog and some idiot (anonymous idiot) told me that I should watch the "silent scream" to see how a fetus screams and claws at the uterus (trying to run away) so that it wont be aborted. Really? Are you for real? That freakin' thing was debunked by scientists & physicians (experts in the medical field, mind you) and it's very authors, for Pete's sake (I still don't know who Pete is) some 20 years ago. Idiots.
When I wrote this:
MellanKelly1: You say that the fetus "saw the needle, opened it's mouth to scream, and jerked way from the needle" - now you're claiming that a fetus can do something that a newborn infant cannot even do ("seeing" an object and not knowing: a) what it is and b) that it could hurt them, and then "jerking away" from said object.) Tell me, in this movie... was the fetus also writing poetry?

"Anonymous" replied with this gem which I've paraphrased:
Anonymous: This is a Human Being. He or she is alive. God gave you life. Your mothers did not chose to abort you. God knew you in your mothers' womb. He loves you all.

So I "says":
MellanKelly1 (thats me): Using your personal beliefs about your God is not a valid argument for denying reproductive rights to all women. There are plenty of clergy who believe in a womans reproductive rights (see http://www.rcrc.org/) You may also be interested to know that prior to 1973 many priests, rabbis and other religious people helped women with unwanted pregnancies to procure safe abortions... these same religious people were a driving force in legalizing abortion.

Anonymous: Yes, a newborn can recognize certain objects and be afraid of them. Babies are smart. Don't underestimate them.

MellanKelly1: To put it very bluntly.. no, newborn infants are not "smart" and I am most certainly not "underestimating" them. A neonate would no more move away from a needle than an office chair would. No offense to newborns, I love them and have had three of them... but they lack the cognitive development required to acknowledge what a needle is, let alone make an effort to move away from it (and certainly a fetus would be lacking the same cognitive development). That is a scientific fact.

So I insulted neonates... so sue me. I was going to make the statement that "newborn infants are, in fact, stupid" but I thought it was a little harsh. Anyhoo... if yer interested: http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2008/04/01/crisis-pregnancy-centers-we-wont-be-fooled

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