Some should keep their opinions to themselves

The following was in our "opinion" section of the buffalo news today:

Family-planning groups have a product to sell
Updated: 04/03/08 6:32 AM
I wish to thank News writer Fletcher Doyle for his March 23 Viewpoints article, “The case for abstinence.” It stated that when a New York Times reporter asked if abstinence-only programs could be behind the drop in teen pregnancy, “the president of Planned Parenthood assured the Times that it isn’t.” Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards cannot afford, literally, for abstinence to be effective.
According to its 2005 annual report, the profit from emergency contraception kits alone was $1,245,506. The profit from contraceptives was a cool $2,399,691. What must be understood is that the so-called family-planning outfits like Planned Parenthood are an industry, and they have a product to sell. If teaching kids to abstain works better than showering them with contraceptives, Planned Parenthood has everything to lose.
Helen Westover
Founder, Director, Western New York Stop Planned Parenthood

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Anyhoo... does this woman actually believe that married women who do not wish to become pregnant should practice abstinence? She writes as if the whole of Planned Parenthoods being rides soley on the backs of the teens and unmarried harlots who are currently using contraception/EC. I love the "'so-called' family-planning" comment... last I checked the only way to plan your family is to control your reproduction (ie birth control) so why the "so-called", Helen? F.Y.I Helen... Abstinence only eduction has failed miserably... do some research: http://www.mathematica-mpr.com/publications/PDFs/impactabstinence.pdf

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MellanKelly said...

This was in the Buffalo News today....

Planned Parenthood focuses on health care, not profits.

Helen Westover’s April 3 letter has misrepresented actual information in the 2005 Planned Parenthood annual report. She put a dollar sign next to the number of services delivered and called it a profit. Her letter is totally misleading and not truthful.

Planned Parenthood affiliates’ work is providing trusted health care services — not profits, as she reported — that prevent unintended pregnancies through contraception, reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections through testing and treatment and cancer screening. Prevention is the cornerstone of their services, not profit.

Linda Ulrich-Hagner
East Aurora