religious nonsense and public policy

Mr. Jasper: What the heck are you taking about? do you think the child is an alien from space who invaded your womb? It's human life that growing inside of you.

Mellankelly: Well, if you don't understand what bodily integrity is and you you cannot comprehend human reproduction, then there is nothing more that I can do. The bottom line is that you simply cannot subordinate a pregnant woman's rights to a fertilized egg/embryo/fetus.

Mr. Jasper: Do mean the so-called "right to privacy" that scummy lawyers and judges invented to fit there agenda and allow baby killing?

Mellankelly: When I speak of defending women's ("so-called"?) civil liberties I assure you that I am speaking of legal arguments which were not invented by "scummy lawyers and judges." I am speaking of things such as: a lack of compelling state interest, procedural due process, equal protection, and also the right to privacy (combination of the first, third, fourth, fifth, ninth amendments and the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment - further, both federal and state courts have recognized a constitutional right of privacy in medical records and patient/physician relationships.) - privacy also covers bodily integrity and self sovereignty... not to mention discrimination (there is no comparative circumstance where a males bodily integrity is forcibly violated to provide for another "person.")

Mr. Jasper: My story is completely relevent, you must not having paying attention.

Mellankelly: Okay... you like to use fairy tales and tell stories to support your personal belief system, I prefer to use legal precedent, factual information and good ole' common sense to argue for the rights of every person in our country (including pregnant women).

Mr. Jasper: Yes, you take that risk when you sleep with a man.

Mellankelly: Malarkey! I have sex with my husband without even being open to the possibility of becoming pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. Luckily for me, my husband had a vasectomy in 2001 so my chances of becoming pregnant are slim to none (she says while knocking on wood). And a woman who is raped certainly wouldn't be "taking that risk", right? Your personal opinions about intercourse and pregnancy have absolutely no relevance in any life other than yours. Your personal belief system is not a compelling reason to take rights away from pregnant women.

Mr. Jasper: Not good enough precautions..try abstinance and stop sleeping around. Most women who have abortions are not married. Fornication is a sin.

Mellankelly: Says you. Consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other is most certainly not a sin. Your religious notions have absolutely no relevance in the lives of others who do not share your faith (myself included). A higher rate of unplanned pregnancy is linked much more closely to economic status (women below the federal poverty level have abortion rates almost four times those of higher income women.) If your comments are any indication, you appear to be driven by your religious beliefs and not the moral status of a fertilized egg. Your religiousness and your biblegod have absolutely no relevance in the lives of others (aside from those who share your rather limited views). Why on earth should I be forced to adhere to your personal belief system?

Mr. Jasper: It's a metaphor. and yes it does have relevance

Mellankelly: Please enlighten me... how would your "opening the gate" possibly be compared to consensual sex in which the partners used precautions to ensure that they would not become pregnant. You can't.... your comment has absolutely no relevance to that scenario. You just don't like pre-marital sex quite possibly as much as you don't like abortion. Hey, those are your opinions and you're certainly entitled to them... however, your opinion does not a fact make and certainly you have no right to force your personal religious beliefs upon me or anyone else.


Anonymous said...

Well, its obvious we just don't share the same values. You certainly can't be a beliver in Christ.

have fun defending this:


oh, and btw:


Anonymous said...

ARGH! So annoying!!

I believe I'm a good person. I pray, and I believe that God loves me.

I'm 29, about to get married to my fiancé and I'm about to have a termination.

We were being really responsible. I've been on the Pill, the Depo shot and now I've got a copper coil IUD. It's not our fault - we weren't being irresponsible, or committing a sin.

We would truly love to have a child... but not now (hence the complicated and painful decision to have a coil implanted that's supposed to last for five years).

If we were financially and emotionally ready to have a child, then we would do it. But we're not - so we aren't. That would be irresponsible.


And seriously - link to gross pictures all you like - I'm not going to click on them.


MellanKelly said...

Those photo's have mostly been explained away... these extremists either use false information, stillbirths, and termination of very much wanted pregnancies in order to invoke an irrational emotion from people. Frankly, what they're doing is immoral. But heck, they can't let a little thing like "morality" get in the way of their extremism... if they believe it, it simply MUST be *right*