Random Funny

I know I've been in this whole pro-choice place for a while... thanks should be given to Mr. Jasper for the role he has played in this fact. But the truth of the matter is that I do not spend all of my online time reading RH or posting about Reproductive Rights... sometimes I just like to laugh and thanks to some really fucked up funny bloggers, such as The Bloggess and Mimi Smartypants I am able to laugh whilst online on a pretty regular basis (writing "whilst" makes me feel fancy.) I hope I'm not breaking any blog rules by posting this - I'd really hate to do hard time for blogging.
Here it is and it is fabulous.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You totally made me all blushy.

PS. Go, pro-choice!

Princess "Feminazi" - are you happy Smelly?? said...

I seriously just wet my pants! God she's so funny! The scary thing is, she speaks how I think in my head but am too afraid people will think I'm a freak for saying out loud. Thanks Kel!

MellanKelly said...

Hey, I do what I can to ensure that you see yourself as completely sane.
Love ya like a sis!