This is for Princess.

I was browsing the net... not sure how I happened upon this (the official website of Sofie Kinsella.) It is Kelly Tuesday and sometimes magical things happen for no reason whatsoever on this, the Grandest of Days. I couldn't remember if Ms. Banana-hammock had read the one published in February (Remember Me?) - it looks good! Maybe you bring it over here and I'll read it, eh? Anhoo... just thought I'd share (I love you so mu-u-u-u-u-u-u-uch!)


Princess "Feminazi" - are you happy Smelly?? said...

Hel-l-ooo...I already own it. Very funny book! I loaned it to that friend of mine who is battling cancer. When I get it back I'll send it your way. Glad you thought of me on your most important day :)

LilBitBrat said...

when i saw there was i comment i was sure it was from "anonymous". i mean, what the hell could anonymous possibly have to say about this post other than that sophie kinsella...she's the devil; writing those books and all.

holy crap the princess figured out the net! um...has hell frozen over 'cuz if it has there's a lot of shit i claimed i'd do and i gotta get to work!

MellanKelly said...

Sofie Kinsella is the DEBIL! So is "follsball"... and our Medulla Oblongata!

Yes, and I knew that princess/miss thang had figured out the Internet because little piggies flew right by my bay window. And also hell is frozen... now how are we supposed to party at the lake of fire?

MellanKelly said...

ps. and what am I supposed to do with all this vodka?